Know what you are paying for: Understand USDA Beef Grades

Our award winning meat department has a long tradition of selling only the finest cuts of meat. We may get called old fashioned because of our in house meat cutter, but if old-fashioned means high quality, delicious tasting meat and happy, satisfied customers, then we think it’s just swell being called old fashioned.

We’ve always taken great pride in the reputation of our meat department. Our skilled and knowledgeable meat cutter works hard to ensure that you not only get the best meat available, but also that all our customers are satisfied. That’s why we trim our meat the old fashioned way.

Wilson’s Lakeside Market is the premier provider of superior meats, including the finest USDA Choice Beef, while also providing the ultimate in personalized client services.
If you like flavorful, juicy, mouth watering meat, you’ll want to stop in and try our fresh meats.